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Evie Stamps, a visionary life transformation coach, commits herself to empowering individuals from all walks of life, helping them unlock their full potential and elevate their personal and professional lives. She founded Untethered Prosperity, using her vast array of experiences to show that hardships can indeed be the stepping stones to paths of self-love, peace, and fulfillment. With a deep connection to her clients, Evie's approach is highly intuitive and results-oriented. She offers expert development, intuitive meditation, emotional regulation, and pragmatic mindset-shifting processes. Her extensive background in intuitive personal growth, meditation practices, and executive leadership and development equips her to provide inspirational and evidence-based support, empowering others to live the lives they truly deserve. As a certified Jay Shetty Certification School coach, Evie demonstrates her commitment to professional development and excellence. She is also a proud member of the Association for Coaching, actively pursuing her accreditation with this respected organization. Evie's passion and dedication to her practice shine through her commitment to assisting individuals in healing from the past, aligning with the present, and gaining profound clarity for an empowering future. Her life transformation coaching approach goes beyond achieving success—it's about prospering without constraints.

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