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Having gathered ample life information in the Flow-in-Life dashboard, it's time to analyze it. We constructed the Mind Gem by merging well-established scientific theories. Initially, we drew inspiration from Abraham Maslow's pyramid, which is based on the theory of human motivation (1943). Maslow's pyramid highlights Physiological, Safety, Belonging, and Esteem as the foundational needs, with self-actualization positioned at the pinnacle. Mind Gem represents an inverted Maslow's pyramid, with the bottom four layers remaining intact. Maslow recognized that true fulfillment lies in discovering and pursuing one's unique purpose. To capture an individual's alignment with their calling, we expanded self-actualization into six layers. It starts with the outcome of self-actualization (Passion) and goes deeper into the memory system (Habits, Emotions, Beliefs, and Knowledge). At the bottom are our genetics (NeuroSpecs), forming a total of ten layers. Finally, we incorporated Flow concept as Gem's conductor based on the pioneering work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (1990).

The Mind Gem resembles an iceberg, with perceptible layers on top and fading perception as we go deeper into the subconscious. Consequently, we decided to flip Maslow's pyramid, as the most basic needs are apparent, while a concerted effort is required to uncover and comprehend the depths of our subconscious selves. The Mind Gem's arrangement facilitates a comprehensive and systematic understanding of our mental well-being.


The Pursuit of Happiness is an Unalienable Human Right - our core value

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