First in FiLiCiTi Cycle is our Flow-in-Life App. We log life events (Log Life) and rate our Flow level (Rate Flow), acting as mental state sensors. We are not cars. In a car, one tire pressure reading at the end of the day will suffice because they will not fluctuate; if the pressure is low at night, it will not miraculously go higher next morning But as humans, we may experience a thrilling morning with our family, a stressful meeting with our boss, followed by a boring board meeting. Recognizing this, we've designed Log Life to automate the process of logging life events as chunks and tagging them accordingly, unlike the current mood-tracking apps, which ask how was your day! At the end of the day, Rate Flow prompts a simple question about your current flow level, as it acts as the conductor of our Mind Gem.

But that's not all. Journaling plays an integral role in personal growth. In Log Life, we encourage users to write journals based on their experiences, linking them to relevant life events. These journals become valuable resources in your pursuit of happiness journey, aiding in reflection and improvement.

By combining Log Life with Rate Flow, we present the Flow-in-Life dashboard. It offers visualizations of time spent on various human needs and tracks the associated Flow levels. This data is then analyzed by our AI, using the Mind Gem and Mind CiTi framework, to provide mental health insights and personalized recommendations via Find Guiders who can further assist you on your journey.


The Pursuit of Happiness is an Unalienable Human Right - our core value

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