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After accurately tracking and reflecting on our life, we gain a better understanding of our challenges and develop a more effective way of seeking guidance and support. This is where Find Guide comes in, offering two approaches to finding assistance.

The first approach, known as the explorer-driven approach, begins with your realization that you require assistance. With this informed decision in mind, you actively seek out someone who possesses specialized expertise in the specific area where you perceive a deficiency. Here, you are the explorer, taking charge of finding a guide tailored to your needs.

Alternatively, the AI-prompted approach provides a different avenue. Leveraging the data you have provided through Flow-in-Life, we offer a chat-like option reminiscent of ChatGPT but focused on mental health. Through this interactive conversation, you may be prompted to answer specific questions or complete surveys based on the gathered data. Subsequently, you receive tailored recommendations for mental health professionals or what we refer to as guiders.

Regardless of the approach chosen, the integration of Flow-in-Life's tracking system empowers you with a comprehensive understanding of what is lacking, areas for improvement, and elements worthy of preservation. It provides invaluable insights into determining the next stop on your pursuit of happiness journey.


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