FiLiCiTi Cycle

FiLiCiTi Cycle

FiLiCiTi CycleFiLiCiTi Cycle

Taking care of something essential, like our car, involves regular checkups and paying attention to the dashboard for updates on its condition. Sensors monitor the vital parts, collecting data that's analyzed and displayed on the dashboard, giving us early warnings about potential issues. Just like a tire needing air or the oil needing a change. When we notice these signs, we seek help from mechanics who guide us in fixing the car and ensuring it runs smoothly. This monitoring process is crucial to prevent accidents or engine problems. Shouldn't we have a similar process for our mental health?!

That's why we created the FiLiCiTi Cycle for mental well-being. In our Flow-in-Life App, we log life events (Log Life) and rate our Flow level (Rate Flow), acting as mental state sensors. We present this data on our Flow-in-Life dashboard. But there's more! We delve deep into our subconscious mind using the Mind Gem Framework, exploring the width of possibilities in Mind CiTi. This uncovers valuable insights. With a comprehensive, data-driven mental health report, we understand what's happening and receive better recommendations to find a professional opinion (Find Guiders ).

By the way, we affectionately call our users "Explorers" on their happiness pursuit, while mental health professionals are our trusted "Guiders" providing valuable guidance. So, let's embrace this process and embark on a fulfilling mental health adventure!


The Pursuit of Happiness is an Unalienable Human Right - our core value

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